The College Textbook Visits an Amusement Park - Funny Stories About College Textbooks
The textbook's student and friends had enjoyed themselves so much at the local fair and visiting the traveling circus that they decided to skip school one day and drive to an amusement park in the next town. Initially, the textbook wasn't too happy about his student skipping school, but finally relented when he took into account how hard she had been working. Everyone needed to take a break once in a while. His student had gone to amusement parks before, but he had never gone with her. And now that he thought about it, the textbook was looking forward to a day off as well! As soon as his student and her friends arrived at the amusement park, they headed straight for a roller coaster. As the roller coaster climbed higher and higher the textbook was very glad he was zipped safely in the backpack and didn't have see how high they were! By about the fifth time round on the roller coaster the textbook was feeling rather ill and hoped he didn't have to go around one more time. Thankfully, his student dragged her friends to a mirror fun house, which sounded decidedly more sedate. The mirror house, as it turns out, has mirrors everywhere, constructed like a maze. Some of the mirrors may be curved, distorting the reflections, making people look tall or short, fat or skinny, rather funny or a little bit frightening. The textbook thought the reflections showing people tall or short, fat and skinny were very funny! He wondered if he would look as funny, too. It took a while for his student and her friends to find their way through the mirrored maze, laughing and snorting at their distorted reflections, and getting lost more than a few times, but eventually they found their way out. Obviously all that laughter worked up an appetite because they soon headed to a stall selling cotton candy. Remembering all too well his run in with cotton candy-covered fingers when he was at the circus, the textbook buried himself deeper into the backpack, hoping he wouldn't have to deal with any sticky fingers!

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