The College Textbook Gets a Plant - Funny Stories About College Textbooks
After a couple of weeks in their new home the student and her new roommates decided to do some shopping and buy a few things to furnish their new apartment. Nothing too fancy, as they didn't have much extra cash, but perhaps some nice things to make things more home-like. They all had fun visiting thrift stores and secondhand shops, rummaging through gently used items and vintage treasures. One of the roommates found a small chest that she thought would look good in the living room. The other roommate found a stack of old bound books, most in lovely condition. Many things caught the student's eye, but nothing she wanted to purchase. After their jaunt through thrift stores the young women stopped for a quick bite to eat. When they left the cafe the student saw a small garden nursery and decided to stop in. She turned to her friends and beamed when they saw a table of little potted plants, all greatly reduced. Nothing would make their new apartment more homey than some lovely plants! Choosing their favorites and getting care instructions from the store owner, they each carried their finds back home. The student immediately went into her room andut her favorite potted plant on her bookshelf, right next to her favorite book. She smiled. The plant looked perfect on her new shelf, and added a freshness and beauty to her room. She went back out and helped her friends find the perfect spot for the rest of the plants and their other treasures. The textbook leaned over and took a good look at the plant. He wasn't exactly sure how he felt about having to share his brand new shelf with something green. But at least it smelled kind of nice. Earthy and fresh. The textbook stared at the plant for a bit longer, wondering if he should introduce himself. Then he laughed at himself. How silly to think a plant could talk!

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