The College Textbook Goes to the Circus - Funny Stories About College Textbooks
What on earth is a circus, the textbook wondered to himself. As an astronomy textbook his focus was usually on things not of this world, so he often found himself intrigued about all the things that happened in his student's life. From her conversation she had on the phone with her friend, the circus was in town for the next two weeks and she wanted to go. The textbook heard her say something about trapeze artists and elephants. He knew what elephants were--he had seen pictures of them in another book--but he had no idea what a trapeze artist was. The textbook had seen other books on art and thought perhaps trapeze was a special form of art. No doubt he would learn soon enough, as long as his student thought to bring him along! Luckily his student slung her bag on her shoulder with the textbook tucked safely inside. He smiled smugly to himself. He was going to the circus! After a few hours at the circus, though, the textbook wasn't quite as smug. He learned that cotton candy and books do not go well together. He also learned that clowns are kind of freaky. And the textbook learned that trapeze artists swing from very high beams, which can make anyone very, very dizzy, and elephants are very, very nosy, with their big long nosy trunks, and will get into anyone's backpack if nobody is watching! By the end of a long day, the textbook was glad to be home. He was glad he had gone to the circus but also glad he didn't have to live in one. Living on campus in a dorm room was pandemonium enough!

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