The end of the term had come and gone and the textbook's student was getting ready for the new term. And a new term meant new books! But, his student wanted to try and buy some used books this term and had opted to go to the local second-hand bookstore to see what she could find. She was taking two literature classes, both of which required some classic novels, books that should be fairly easy to find. She also had another astronomy class and a psychology class. She wasn't sure what used books she would find at the used bookstore, but it was worth a look. Once at the bookstore, the textbook's student found a small basket and proceeded to make her way to the science section. She browsed the shelves finding many wonderful books wherever she looked, picking up books and putting them back down, hoping to find a used copy of the astronomy textbook she needed for her next class. Sometimes when students are done with their books, they may want to sell textbooks to a book buyer. The textbook tried not to feel jealous that his student would be buying another astronomy textbook, but at least he could comfort himself in the knowledge that his student would still need him, as well. His student muttered under her breath, talking to herself, feeling discouraged that she wasn't finding what she was looking for. Then the textbook gave a start when his student suddenly squealed out loud, bending over a small stack of books on the floor. At the bottom of the stack was a used copy of the book she had been looking for. And it was for sale at a nice price! Delighted, the student hugged the book to her chest before putting it in the basket. One book down. A dozen or so to go. After an hour or so of searching each and every shelf the student finally plonked the heavy basket onto the counter, ready to check out. She had found all but two books she needed and was feeling very happy with herself. The textbook was pleased his student had bought some used books, but he couldn't help but feel a bit joyful that he would now have to share his shelf with all of these newbies. And just as he had finally been getting used to all of the other books, too!

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